i pray my longing restructure the earth.

let there be dreams in the eyes of ordinary men; let us all hear the weeping of angels.

may God tousle our hair. may the evil snake devour itself once and for all, and for all let Holiness walk in every street, offering Herself.

Stars ? send your webs of beams to net us like fish. weave your dust into the fabric of our lives; tug at our eyes, Illumine the night of men.

The world was once clothed in the whitest of cloth and we too, as children, were of the lamb. We delighted in the grass of the fields and sunlight was our largest toy. We have forgotten. There a man with enough to eat and a good wife has lost his happiness vaguely, people nodding, half annoyed, saying
yess , yess , i love you yess….
famine and war. Surely something in you must question this. Something in you must surely weep to see such disdainful casual sacrilegious offhanded ashes made of so much once of great beauty. Yet we continue, we persevere in our blindness.
Unborn Children Question Us With Their Newest Eyes. can anybody hear ?

Disregard what i find to be the truth, but for the sake of those eyes, find your own truth and live within its flame. There is no plea stronger than the plea you will find within your own heart. Your pain will grow you. Tears will wash you clean. These words say themselves to both of us… i am there with you. i am here with you.