The my lady Poems

my lady
a most exciting thing happened today!
i Saw you in the shimmering of the trees

my lady
the world was a butterfly this morning.
it slowly pumped its newly wings
as the sun dried the sky of star’s dew.
i was lying in a great plain,
watching this happen and
thinking of you

my lady
the most important things are
the small turnings.
the changes of a sunset
the growth of trees.
how easy to lose sight of
the moments as they mumble with light,
like a white stone
falling through a clear lake’s waters

my lady
i have long since lost my reasons
love sings itself awake each morning
and lays a warm hand on my forehead at
night. the shadows of feathers
become wings on my walls and my room
flies away

my lady
love flows beyond my years and
i know there is an ocean
even one evening’s yearning gowns
itself around me
more splendidly than golden robes.

along this river you wait
toes making ripples
watching each year’s leaves. the
river has no length,
and when we touch
we will touch completely