Six Diamonds, Six Disappearances

what the Indians knew


i watched as the mystic wispy
rock face of the clouds fell across the sky—
the moon as key to that huge lock… i fell into the stars


when we are asleep
we are different
we are different
who knows where we go
the reach and roam of our stretchings…
i held a clue when at dawn
i streamed into my body
and its window engulfed me.
for that transient moment
i was a creature of Light
suddenly ponderous.


after tea in cold air’s light
i watched the progress of rocks
humming birds and sycamores
each in the different note
and measure of its music
seeing the vanity of vandals,
the carelessness of our transience
the making growing disappearing of bubbles


my ledge walk
awakened another scattering
of ancient cells.
the tiny trees lost the voidal lurch above them.
i walked easily—


 reaching the waterfall.
i ate my cheese and raisons
sitting in an elbow
of tree and rock
the water singing under my heels
runstepping flowing and falling in curtains and ropes
to the bed of the first canyon.


i shouted at the rockwall
knowing only i had ears—
shouted epitaphs.
i, a feathered edge
in but one of its days